Wales Rules Of Entry


Birth :: Athletes who were born in Wales

Parentage :: Where one or both parents were born in Wales

Residence :: Minimum of 2 years continuous residence in Wales immediately prior to the event to be competed in

Retention :: Athletes who have competed for Wales at full senior international level under the residence qualification retain their Welsh eligibility, regardless of residence, until such time as they compete for another country (but not another area)

Eligibility must be confirmed by Welsh Athletics


3 for U13s; 3 for U15s; 3 for U17s; 4 for U20s

Unlimited for Seniors


Thursday 27 May for Senior Open & Commonwealth Games Trials & U15 Championships to be held on Saturday 12th June

Thursday 27 May for Senior Open & Commonwealth Games Trials & U13 Championships to be held on Sunday 13th June

Thursday 24th June for U20 Open and U17 Closed Championships (including U13/U15 1500m & ALL age group Walks to be held Saturday 10th July

Monday 4 August for U15, U17 (Closed), U20 & Senior (Open) 3000m Championships to be held on Wednesday 11 August during the Neath Open Graded Meeting


Athletes may provide their own equipment provided it is submitted for checking by the Technical Manager. Only starting blocks provided by the Stadium may be used.


U13 Athletes £7.50 per event (£15.00 for 2 events, £20.00 for 3 events)

U15 Athletes £7.50 per event (£15.00 for 2 events, £20.00 for 3 events)

U17 Athletes £7.50 per event (£15.00 for 2 events, £20.00 for 3 events)

U20 Athletes £10.00 per event (£20.00 for 2 events, £25.00 for 3 events)

Senior Athletes £10.00 per event (£20.00 for 2 events, £25.00 for 3 events)


In all events competitors must wear at least vest and shorts (or equivalent clothing) which are clean and as designed and worn as not to be objectionable, even when wet. Competitors must wear the vest of their first claim affiliated club or Region, Territorial or National Vest.


All athletes and athletes’ support personnel are bound by UKA/IAAF Anti Doping Rules (which can be found on the UKA website In particular athletes should ensure that they register any use of prescribed medication containing prohibited substances prior to use or (in emergency cases) immediately after use.

To check the status of registered medicines please visit For information on testing procedures please visit For general anti-doping queries please contact


Timetable and other relevant information will be emailed (to those that supply a valid address) no less than 1 week prior to Championships. online entrants will receive immediate confirmation of entry and payment. Entrants’ lists will also be posted on the website. Please bring your entry slip with you when you collect your numbers. Please print your email address on paper entry, for office response.


I accept that the organisers or their agents shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage, action, costs or expenses which may arise in consequence of my/this child’s participation in the BLFOR
I understand that in order for me to be able to compete in the event it may be necessary for the organisers to pass on certain of my personal data to a third or associated parties. I hereby give my express permission to the passing on of such data
I declare that I/this child will not compete in this race unless I/ the child is in good health on the day of the event and I/they will compete at their own risk
I agree to myself/my child being photographed or filmed for publicity of BLFOR
The event organisers cannot accept responsibility for, or control of unofficial photography
All runners must be aware that there is a chance they could be captured on third party recordings

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